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Has your air conditioner stopped working in the middle of the summer heat? Are you looking for an affordable and reliable air conditioner technician to fix your AC so you can be comfortable in your home again? As the leading heating contractor in Gahanna, our team of trained technicians can get your back up and running to get your home cool again. 

We know how uncomfortable it can get in the heat and we would love to work together to get your problems fixed. Having an air conditioning unit that is out of service can cause more problems than just not being cool. The heat can make us frustrated and at one another making us irritable. Do not let the heat beat you and cause issues between your household. 

Call us to get that stubborn air conditioner repaired. If your air conditioner is in working condition in the summer time and it has been a while since you have had it maintenance, perhaps getting an air conditioning tune-up can prevent you from having a bigger problem on your hands and having to get your entire AC unit replaced. 

Six Air Conditioner Repair Tips

You may wonder why we would give you tips to try yourself before giving us a call to come out? Well the answer should speak for itself. We are a honest HVAC Company in Gahanna that wants to provide excellent service and value to all of our potential customers. In the case you do need us to come out, we want you to be a client for life. We understand that air conditioner repair services can get costly but for a majority of us, keeping cool is a necessity to have. 

You could perhaps have breathing issues or even children and don’t forget the baby! At times it can be way too hot for little ones or someone with a health issue. So give these quick things a check before having us come out so you can save yourself money on an unnecessary air conditioner service call.

We are a honest HVAC Company servicing Gahanna, that wants to provide excellent service and value to all of our potential customers!

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At times costly repairs are something nobody can avoid, but you can try and troubleshoot your home cooling system first before calling the professionals at Gahanna Furnace and Air Conditioning Solutions. A lot of cases your AC can not be working for a very simple reason and hey, if you are able to fix it you can brag to all your friends how you did.

1. Check Your Breaker
Your air conditioner is an electronic and has a breaker in your circuit panel just like all the other rooms and outlets in your home. If you have several other appliances, lighting or other electronics on the same breaker it can trip and the air conditioner will not function. Checking this first can save you time, money and; no need to be embarrassed because others have done it too but can make you feel silly on such a simple fix you can do yourself.
2. The Thermostat
Giving the thermostat a quick check could quite possibly get your air conditioner repaired back up and running. If you have a battery operated thermostat try changing them. Also, make sure the temperature is below the room temperature. Try turning your unit to off and to just having the fan blowing set to the on position on the thermostat itself.
3. Dirty Filter
Now many of us are guilty of this because of the "out of site, out of mind" mentality. You do need to change your filter regularly to avoid damage and having your units run more efficiently. The filter does get dirty and clogged over time, especially if you have multiple pets in the home. Lack of air flow from a filter that is too dirty or clogged can make your system ice up so make sure you are checking your filter ever so often and giving it a change when needed.
4. Air Conditioner Frozen
This piggy backs off of the changing your filter but in the case that your air conditioner does freeze up and ices over, turn off your system and only run the fan to help melt the ice quicker. If you do not need the fan on the ice will melt on its own just at a slower rate.
5. Dirty AC Unit
Depending on the location of your air conditioner can have an impact on this but if your unit becomes dirty with debris and whatnot, give it a cleaning off and clean the debris inside and around the unit.
6. Duct Work
If your ducts get extremely dirty they can block the air flow. Check your registers and make sure they are open and not clogged with anything. You may need a professional duct cleaning if they are too bad.

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We provide free estimates on all new air conditioning installations and replacements. If you think you may need to replace your unit or just want to get a free quote, reach out to our team and schedule your on-site estimate today!

Why choose Gahanna Furnace & Air Conditioning Solutions for your HVAC contractor?

Among many reason, honesty comes first. We pride our Heating and Cooling company and our certified HVAC technicians on the honest work we do. We are a furnace and air conditioning company that is not out to nickel and dime you, we are here to help you when you are in need of our heating and cooling services. 

We also provide unmatched professional hvac services that put quality of work first. Our team of hand picked hvac techs are respectful and dependable. Our goal is to come to your residence or office and properly diagnose the issue you are having with your air conditioner or furnace, fix the problem, and be out of your way as you never had the problem to begin with. 

Here are a few additional reasons why choosing Gahanna Furnace & Air Conditioning Solutions is not only amazing to do business with, but can save you your time and money.

  • Licensed & Insured HVAC Contractor
  • Great Customer Service
  • 100% Work Guarantee
  • Professional Heating and Cooling Technicians 
  • Free Estimates
  • Service All Furnace and Air Conditioner Brands
  • Over 15 Years Experience in the HVAC Industry
  • 24/7 Emergency Service