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Why are we a trusted furnace contractor in Gahanna and throughout Columbus? Well that is an easy question depending on who you ask. If you ask our team of furnace installers or the different customers that we have installed furnaces’s in the homes of, they will say it is the honest quality work and service we provide to all of our furnace installation customers. 

At Gahanna Heating and Air Conditioning Solutions we do not put one customer over another. Everyone is treated fairly just as if it were our own home we were installing a new furnace in. The two most common furnace types are an air handler and gas furnace (for the most part).  Lets go over both of these in a little more detail.

Needing Furnace Repairs Instead?

We provide some of the best  heating repair services and maintenance agreements to help you east some of the cost for those of you that like to be on top of things and have stress free, speedy repairs for your furnace. 

What type of furnace are you using?

New Furnace Installation

Gas Furnace

Gas furnaces are still among the most popular types of units with the competitiveness and affordability of the energy source. Gas furnaces are an excellent way to keep your home warm though the winter season. These types of furnaces deliver heat through the duct with the help of the blower wheel. You’ve heard of the infamous carbon monoxide that can be associated with this type of unit if you have a cracked heat exchanger. It is good practice to have your unit tuned up and checked annually for our HVAC technicians to keep your family and you safe as this is an odorless and colorless gas.

Air Handler

Air handlers are also known as fan coils. These units heat and cool the air through the return duct and dispersed into your living space. These units also house an evaporator coil that work with refrigerant that remove or add warm air into the air flow. With heat pump systems, air handlers are all electric. They heat the coils with an electric charge when the temperature drops below what the heat pump cannot manage.

New Air Handler Installation

Why choose Gahanna Furnace & Air Conditioning Solutions for your HVAC contractor?

Among many reason, honesty comes first. We pride our Heating and Cooling company and our certified HVAC technicians on the honest work we do. We are a furnace and air conditioning company that is not out to nickel and dime you, we are here to help you when you are in need of our heating and cooling services. 

We also provide unmatched professional hvac services that put quality of work first. Our team of hand picked hvac techs are respectful and dependable. Our goal is to come to your residence or office and properly diagnose the issue you are having with your air conditioner or furnace, fix the problem, and be out of your way as you never had the problem to begin with. 

Here are a few additional reasons why choosing Gahanna Furnace & Air Conditioning Solutions is not only amazing to do business with, but can save you your time and money.

  • Licensed & Insured HVAC Contractor
  • Great Customer Service
  • 100% Work Guarantee
  • Professional Heating and Cooling Technicians 
  • Free Estimates
  • Service All Furnace and Air Conditioner Brands
  • Over 15 Years Experience in the HVAC Industry
  • 24/7 Emergency Service