Heat Pumps Gahanna Ohio

Do You Have a Heat Pump?

Heat Pumps are amazing. I could just leave it at that because they simply are. Heat Pumps work for you both in the winter and summer seasons and have been an increasingly popular system for a lot of home owners in the central Ohio area for some time now. Gahanna Furnace and Air Conditioning Solutions offers a variety of heat pump services and have trained technicians to install, repair, and maintain your heat pump system. If you have any questions about heat pumps in general and how your home may benefit from one, give us a call today! 

Heat Pump photo showing the inside of the unit

Heat Pump Installations

If you are in the market to install a new heat pump in you home then we have got you covered. There are two types of heat pumps that can be installed in your home, geothermal and an air sourced heat pump. Both require different levels of installation and both range considerably in price because so. Although we do not currently offer geothermal products, a geothermal heat pump requires a more rigorous installation process through the ground while the air sourced heat pumps are relatively easy to install. With that said, you still need a professional HVAC contractor to have one installed as there are a number of other factors that go in to choosing the appropriate sizing and such.

Heat Pump Repairs

At Gahanna Furnace and Air Conditioning Solutions we have a trained and certified technicians that are able to diagnose and fix your heat pump system to save you a considerable amount if you are thinking you need to have a new one installed. If you have a heat pump currently installed in your home and are experiencing high energy bills or an unevenness of heating or cooling in your home, your may need to have your heat pump looked at and serviced. We have experience with heat pumps being they are among one of the most popular HVAC systems in Ohio. The efficiency of a heat pump is one of the best so having yours fixed and repaired is our priority.

How a heat pump works in the winter and summer

What is a heat pump and how do they work?

Oh we though you would never ask. A heat pump is a heating and cooling system that uses the outside are to heat your home in the winter and cool your home in the summer. Sound confusing? Don’t worry about that and leave all the work to us. Heat pump systems typically require two part system. An indoor unit (air handler) and outdoor unit (just like an air conditioning unit but called a heat pump).

 Think of a heat pump as a transporter for heat. Constantly moving warm air to and from the area that it needs to be. Air that the normal person (everyone) thinks is too cold actually has heat energy inside of it. A heat pump extracts the warm energy out of the air and puts it in the necessary space. For instance, if it is cold outside, the heat pump with take the warm energy out of the air and transfer it throughout your home with the air handler. We know this may sound unreal, but trust us, it works. Ask any of your friends or family. Someone you know likely has a heat pump if you do not believe us. Heat pumps will not only do the job for you in both seasons but it will also help with your energy costs being it is highly efficient. 

Why choose Gahanna Furnace & Air Conditioning Solutions for your HVAC contractor?

Among many reason, honesty comes first. We pride our Heating and Cooling company and our certified HVAC technicians on the honest work we do. We are a furnace and air conditioning company that is not out to nickel and dime you, we are here to help you when you are in need of our heating and cooling services. 

We also provide unmatched professional hvac services that put quality of work first. Our team of hand picked hvac techs are respectful and dependable. Our goal is to come to your residence or office and properly diagnose the issue you are having with your air conditioner or furnace, fix the problem, and be out of your way as you never had the problem to begin with. 

Here are a few additional reasons why choosing Gahanna Furnace & Air Conditioning Solutions is not only amazing to do business with, but can save you your time and money.

  • Licensed & Insured HVAC Contractor
  • Great Customer Service
  • 100% Work Guarantee
  • Professional Heating and Cooling Technicians 
  • Free Estimates
  • Service All Furnace and Air Conditioner Brands
  • Over 15 Years Experience in the HVAC Industry
  • 24/7 Emergency Service